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April 30, 2020


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Appeals against decisions and actions of the Ministry of Healthcare of Ukraine related to license issues

Recently, Department of control of health services quality and the licensing (Control administration over the quality of medical services of Ministry of Healthcare of Ukraine), which provides administrative services for the issuance license of medicine practice, often refuse in illegally way (on apparently fictional reasons) to issue a license or leaves the statements and documents without consideration.

There are many applicants, who receive decisions about leaving applications and documents for the issuance of licenses without consideration, are "stamped" by the Department of control of health services quality ten times or more. The logic of such a policy is quite obvious - the applicant will search solutions to such problems.

If you are involved in a similar situation and are not ready to support "domestic corrupter" by a few thousand dollars, then you should consider about the appeal. Detail information about regulation and mechanism of such an appeal, you can find at the page our website "Appealing against decision of state agency that provides administrative services for the licensing of medical practice".

VERDYS Law Ukraine has successfully provided services to appeal illegal decisions and actions of the Ministry of Healthcare in the Expert Board of Appeal at State Entrepreneurship and in the administrative court.

Our experienced lawyers will help you save money, time and nerves, as well as to uphold justice. The cost of appellate services is very accessible.

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