The Conference "Actual Legal and Organizational Problems of Gamet and Embryo Donation in Ukraine and Abroad"

October 10, 2018, Kyiv city 


Минздрав Украины опубликовал новый проект Лицензионных условий по осуществлению медицинской практики.


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Международное агентство по сопровождению вспомогательных репродуктивных технологий


Our MBA partner


The Medical and Reproductive Law Center operates primarily in the sphere of medicine and humans assisted reproductive. However, we do not focus on areas of law, but on the specific needs of our clients. So, in fact, our research practice deals with variety of industries and areas of law, in which the applicable technologies and techniques, related to health.

The priority areas of our reasearch practice are:


  •         medicine;
  •         dental practice;   
  •         pharmacy;
  •         beauty and health industry;
  •         assisted reproduction technologies;
  •         biotechonology; 
  •         professinal sport and fitness;
  •         medical and health tourism.

 For more details about our activities please find the corresponding sections of the site.

VERDYS Law Ukraine

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