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April 30, 2020


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Международное агентство по сопровождению вспомогательных репродуктивных технологий


Our MBA partner

Legal support of business activity in sphere of medicine

Legal practice in the field of medicine is the main focus of our perner VERDYS Law Ukraine. Considering chosen specialization, the Center has extensive experience in legal and consulting support activities in the field of medicine as a business, as well as professional.


VERDYS Law Ukraine can offer the widest range of services that could be used by medical institutions and professionals, suppliers of medical equipment and health care products, as well as patients. Moreover, such services can be ordered even in the first stage of implementation of your own medical business idea (service «MEDICAL Start-Up»).


Over the years, considering the demands of our customers, we had created a number of new services that have now become standard in the field of legal services for business entities engaged in the practice of medicine. Services such as, for example, preparation for the national accreditation of medical institutions, legal audit of medical practice, express preparation for inspection by the inspection bodies are now included in the list of obligatory services in law firms, who are related with medical practice.

The correct marketing strategy, contacts and practical experience have let the company hold services at moderate prices, which attract customers from all over Ukraine and abroad for a long time. Given the brand recognition of our Center and international status of VERDYS Law Ukraine, some customers admit that they just do not expect to get such a high quality service at an moderate price.

Our popular services:


·         development of the medical business schemes  (including registration and arrangement of relations between business partners);

·         support for the state registration of enterprises and individual entrepreneurs , as well as representations of foreign companies in Ukraine, Russia and some other countries, including the obtaining of a complete set of registration documents;

·         counseling on licensing (medical practice , the activities of banks of umbilical cord blood and other human tissues and cells , etc.) and obtaining permits (the use of drugs and precursors, sources of ionizing radiation, etc.);

·         consultation on the entry of Ukraine and some other CIS countries of international network healthcare companies;

·         preparation of medical institutions to national and international accreditation and certification;

·         assist in the development of schemes for promotion of health products to the markets of the CIS countries, as well as legal support of promotional activities and events;

·         legalization of professional and labor activity of foreign professionals in Ukraine with medical education;

·         registration and protection of intellectual property;

·         express preparation for inspection by the inspection bodies and legal audit of entities which are engaged in the practice of medicine;

·         the appeal of Ministry of Health of Ukraine's decisions about the annulment of the medical practicing license in State Entrepreneurship and / or the court;

·         representation in civil and criminal trials for the category "Medical Affairs", as well as in other courts at all levels in all types of categories of disputes and claims (applications ), etc.

More details about these and other services can be found in the section "Services for " or by calling the specialists of our Center.



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