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April 30, 2020


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Международное агентство по сопровождению вспомогательных репродуктивных технологий


Our MBA partner

Legal advice to pharmaceutical companies

Legal support of business activities in the field of pharmacy is the second most important area for our partner VERDYS Law Ukraine.

Legal support in the field of pharmacy requires a good knowledge of lawyers and a lot of experience, especially of professional competence in the field of antitrust, competition and anti-corruption legislation, taxation, export-import operations, registration and licensing procedures, intellectual property rights, advertising and sales activities, etc. Lawyers of VERDYS Law Ukraine have acquired the experience and clients in this area in the framework of cooperation with medical institutions and pharmaceutical companies, chemist institutions.

Today our customers within the framework of this practice are international and Ukrainian pharmaceutical companies, chemist’s shops, suppliers of medicaments, special equipment, furniture, etc.

In the framework of this practice we can offer our customers quite a wide range of legal, consulting and other services, such as: 


·         legalization of pharmacies , including assistance in obtaining a license;

·         comprehensive legal service of entities, which operate in the field of pharmacy ( from production to distribution );

·         legal support of registration, production and distribution of medicinal products (wholesale and retail);

·          legal support import-export operations with medicaments;

·          consulting on the establishment and distribution of drug advertising (including assessment and approval of promotional materials, obtaining permits for their location, settlement of conflict with customers , competitors , support in case of inspections ); 

·          protection of the consumer’s rights and suppliers of medicaments in the fight against unfair competition ;

·         support and assistance in registration of medicaments;

·          legal support for the organization and conduct of clinical trials;

·         registration and protection of intellectual property in the field of pharmacy ;

·         appeal against the decision of annulment  the license for the activities of pharmacies in State Entrepreneurship of Ukraine and / or the court;

·         recommendations on cooperation with medical institutions and employees ;

·          recommendations on the choice of promotional methods of medicaments and their implementation schemes , etc.


To learn more about the services you can visit the relevant sections of our website or by phone from specialists of VERDYS Law Ukraine.


VERDYS Group International 


 +380 50 441 86 15 

+380 66 049 65 96 VERDYS 


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