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April 30, 2020


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Международное агентство по сопровождению вспомогательных репродуктивных технологий


Our MBA partner


List of our main clients includes the most successful private companies, and also well-known experts in medical, pharmaceutical, beauty and sport industry. In spite of this we try to help everybody who needs skillful assistance of our specialists either it is a large medical or pharmaceutical company, an emergency doctor or a beauty specialist, or a patient injured in result of medical malpractice. The Ministry of Health Care of Ukraine, the Presidential Administration and the Verkhovna Rada committees several times appealed for our consultations and interviews.

During its activity the company has managed to organize properly and arrange activity of dozens of business entities, engaged in medical, pharmaceutical practice and saloon business, to pass state accreditation for obtaining higher category, to settle hundreds of disputes with patients and clients, including cases dealing with compensation in amount of hundreds of thousands hryvnias. Legal documents, developed by the Centre’s specialists, are now standard not just for medical institutions of Ukraine but for some near abroad countries.

Taking into account special character of our main activities, we pursue privacy principles concerning our clients. Moreover, to our point of view, it is improper to use our clients’ famous names as advertising for our achievements. Almost everybody engaged in medicine, pharmaceutics, beauty and fitness can confirm their somehow cooperation with Medical and Reproductive Law Center, and if not, we are always glad to help new clients.

In our work we follow five main rules:

  1. Any problem could be solved;
  2. Every client is special for us;
  3. Any kind of our client’s information is confidential;
  4. We have no rights to condemn or prejudge;
  5. Our Client’s problem is our problem until it is solved.


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