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April 30, 2020


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A complete package of services in preparation for the state accreditation of medical institutions ACCREDITATION-ELITE

This option involves the most complete version of the client support.

The package of our services in preparation for the accreditation of "turnkey" includes the following:

• visiting inspection, evaluation of the preparing level and condition of the material- technical base of medical institutions (" preaccreditational audit ");

• report of results of the preaccreditational audit;

• a plan draft and its coordination with the client;

• expert consultations (telephone and email) ;

• Preparation of all necessary documents (including the organization and management , quality control , human resources, labor relations, as well as reports, orders and regulations, contracts, forms etc.) according to the agreed plan;

• recruitment and providing the client with the necessary normative acts , statistics forms and other documents;

• preparation, filing the application and presentation of documents to the Main Accreditation Commission of the Ministry of Healthcare of Ukraine;

• one training for staff ( before the accreditation );

• the presence of the representative of the VERDYS Law Ukraine in the medical facility during the work of the experts (by agreement with the client). 

Why is this service so popular:

The heads of many medical institutions with a view to save money often choose to prepare for accreditation without "outside help". However, there are not many skilled enough specialists and no time for preparation of the necessary documentation in most private clinics. Therefore, this self-preparation may be delayed for years or give very low results in the evaluation by experts.

If you order the package of our services in preparation for the accreditation of "turnkey" ("ACCREDITATION-ELITE"), you will not waste your time searching for and formalization of hundreds of complex and "inexplicable pieces of paper". Our lawyers not only help draw up the necessary documents, but also will lead to compliance with the License conditions the activity of your medical facility. Therefore, samples of documentation, which was specially developed for you will come in handy for years, not just for accreditation. 

How much is it:

The cost is calculated individually depending on the complexity and urgency of preparation. The value depends on: the amount of work, the number of hired personnel, the availability of medical facilities in the structure of individual clinical laboratories and other departments, as well as the category, which is expected from the customer.

In the case of the order of several medical institutions accreditation of several medical institutions, we will give you significant discount. 

How to order or learn more:

The service is available in all regions of Ukraine. We agree in advance on the departure of our specialist for the audit to each client with whom we conclude the contract.

To book a service or for more information call or sign up for a consultation at the office:


Tel. : +380 (66) 049-65-96

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