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Legal support of medical tourism

Medical tourism is an activity associated with a health maintenance organization for patients far beyond their place of residence. And patients can travel both to medical facilities within the country (domestic medical tourism) and far abroad (international medical tourism).

Many «medical tourists» enjoy the opportunity to combine medical treatment with vacation at resorts, health centers, SPA and Wellness-centers. So today talking about medical tourism we often use the term «health tourism».

Medical tourism is gaining popularity every year, especially in USA, Canada and Western Europe. For example, in the USA the number of people who do not have full medical insurance is above 50 million people. The majority of people don`t have health insurance that cover the treatment of chronic diseases, surgery, full dental treatment and prosthetics. So, many Americans are choosing to undergo such treatments abroad.

Despite the fact that the governments of Canada, Great Britain, Sweden cover 90 % of the cost of medical services for their citizens, sometimes you have to wait several months to get the required medical specialist or to have routine diagnostic procedures (eg, ultrasonography). And, for example , the average period of waiting for routine surgery in these countries is about two years. Therefore, patients often choose medical facilities in Asia and Eastern Europe, where you can get the necessary medical services immediately and even in more comfortable conditions than at home .

Often, patients simply have to deal with international medical tourism, as they can`t get some health care services at home because of legal prohibitions and restrictions. Many patients with infertility problems from Italy, Germany, the Scandinavian countries come to the Ukrainian and Indian clinics to get certain methods of assisted reproductive technology (surrogacy, donation of oocytes).

It is strange to say, but habitants of CIS countries also discovered all advantages of medical tourism. Treatments tour to Europe, the USA, Israel, and Turkey has become a usual practice.  Equipment and qualification of specialists’ level in foreign medical centers are for the moment higher than in Ukrainian centers, so the treatment is frequently more successful.

Though, planning a trip, foreign patients can face a number of problems, especially legal ones. Medical and Reproductive Law Center helps to solve all kinds of legal problems to assure you good holidays and quality medical treatment.

We invite to cooperation key private medical institutions in Ukraine, Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan.  With us You will manage to attract patients from Western Europe, the USA and Canada.

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