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February 22, 2019


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Package of services at the primary stage of the individual medical practice Medical Start-Up

As is known, the primary stage of the individual medical practice raises many legal and organizational complexities. Therefore, at this time it is important to get consultation of qualified professionals.

Considering the numerous requests of customers, our company has developed a special package for the the primary stage of the medical business, including the individual entrepreneurs - «Medical Start-Up».

The package includes:

·         consultations on organizational and legal issues. During the consultation, a lawyer will answer questions and provides the necessary information about compliance with license conditions, optimization of economic activity, legal registration with the hired staff, patients and others. Consultation is carried out directly at the place of medical practice or in the office ;

·         providing of samples of basic statistical, information and legal documents, as well as normative acts,  which are necessary for providing the medical practice (on the CD). CD contains examples of organizational and other documents, statistical forms, samples of documents and examples of presentation of information to form "Corner for consumer";

·         two trainings (by your choice ) for a private entrepreneur and his staff about the most important legal and deontological issues.


You can select from the following training themes:


1.       "Features of legal relations in the sphere of health care. The rights and duties of patients and health care workers."

2.       "Features of medical record keeping."

3.       "Features of communication with regulatory and law enforcement bodies."

4.       "Conflict resolution with patients and legal responsibilities in the field of medical practice."

5.       "Confidential information in the field of medicine. Protection of personal data".


The total cost of the package of services «Medical Start-Up» - 6 000 UAH . *

* The cost of the training involves performing one to choose from.

Additional trainings are paid separately. Calculating the cost of additional training discounts are applied.

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