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patients of reproduction programmes (IVF, gamete donation, surrogacy)


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Международное агентство по сопровождению вспомогательных репродуктивных технологий


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Legal support of Reproductive Medicine. Surrogacy

It is believed that the need for legal assistance in the application of assisted reproductive technologies was involved for the first time in 1980. It was then, after surrogate mother gives birth in Louisville (USA) to a baby boy, she had to establish the fact of the refusal of the child in the local court. Since then, the use of reproductive technologies is closely related to jurisprudence. And in the recent years practice is more common the need of biological parents of the child conceived with the help of reproduction, in legal protection.

Ukraine is one of the few countries where the use of most reproductive technologies, including surrogacy, fully legitimate. In this regard, Ukrainian lawmakers appeared to be more advanced than their European counterparts.

The Family Code of Ukraine (Article 123, paragraph 2) contains a provision that if another woman carries an embryo conceived by a married couple, just married couple is considered to be the parents of a child, including in surrogacy programs. Paragraph 3 of the same article provides for the use of donor oocytes by the spouses, and the embryo in such case is deemed to be the embryo of the spouses. Thus, the couple who gave consent for use of assisted reproductive technologies has the full parental rights and responsibilities in relation to children born as a result of the application of these technologies. The Order of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine № 771 dated 23.12.2008 contains more information about the regulation of the use of reproductive technologies.

Legal support in the field of reproductive medicine in Ukraine and other countries requires not only a thorough knowledge of the general and special laws, but also new trends in the development of legal science. Therefore, our lawyers are actively involved in drafting of the Law of Ukraine "On assisted reproduction of individual", which should be submitted soon to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.

Medical and Reproductivel Law Center and VERDYS Law Ukraine offers a wide range of services on legal support of programs on surrogacy and donorship: from consulting, conclusion of contracts to representation in court. These services are provided to all participants of reproductive programs (potential parents, surrogate mothers, reproductive medicine clinics, etc.).

We also carry out a comprehensive legal support of leading reproductive medicine clinics in Ukraine. For more information about the legal services offered by our company, please, read this subsection of the site.

Our company has an extensive experience in legal support of assisted reproductive technologies, both at national and international level. We will help you to take all the necessary legal procedures, not only in Ukraine, but also abroad - for parents who are foreign nationals. Due to work with our legal partners from USA, UK, Denmark, Israel, Sweden and Switzerland, we are able to provide the citizens of these countries with legal support in their country of residence (judicial and other procedures).

We support the long cooperation with famous international agency IRTSA Ukraine  to ensure reproductive technologies.


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