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Accreditation of medical facilities: services for preparation

In accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine the accreditation process is obligatory for all healthcare institutions, regardless of their departmental subordination, form of ownership, profile and level of medical-preventive care or medical services.


For more information about procedure of Accreditation of health facilities, see the section "Clarifications and recommendations of experts" on website.


Our lawyers have many years of experience in providing services in preparation for the medical institutions accreditation of all forms of property, and in all regions of Ukraine.


Over the years, we have successfully prepared to the accreditation more than 50 healthcare facilities, including such well-known as MC "Clinic "EUROLAB" (Kyiv), Medical Center "MEDІSVІT" (Kyiv), MC "Dental Clinic "Stedli" ( Kyiv), MC "International Medical Center "Oftalmika" (Kharkiv), MC "Clinic of plastic surgery "VIRTUS", MC "Clinic "Avanti" (Kyiv), MC "Clinic of reproduction "Nadia"(Kyiv), MC "ANA-Cosmo" (Kyiv) etc.


After the preparation for accreditation all of our customers successfully pass this procedure and get a "high" or "first" accreditation category without any problems.


During preparation for the accreditation, we do not only prepare the common document templates, as some "experts", but really make activities of medical institutions in accordance with the License conditions (New edition 2013) and the Standards of Accreditation. It is necessarily to be brought into conformity paperwork and staff work, health and safety, management and statistical information and legal documentation, measurement assurance etc.


      Accreditation preparation usually is carried out in four steps:

·         Preparatory stage: the formulation of a special questionnaire, departure of company specialist for learning more about the activities of medical institutions, preparation of individual Preparation plan, consulting by experts and others;

·         Stage І: obtaining documents from government agencies, preparation of documents on preventive and curative activities of the institutions, information about the staff, quality of care, etc., registration and submission of an application with the documents to the Ministry of Healthcare of Ukraine;

·         Stage ІІ: Implementation of the Preparation plan, drafting of documents, eliminating of the defects, consulting by experts and others;

·         Stage III (final):  training and instruction to management and staff on the eve of accreditation, check of documentation and state of health facility, filling of selfaccreditation paper, support during the work of the expert group.

For implementation of every order we attract the best professionals and experts in the field of personnel clerical work, records management, metrology, standardization, organizational and legal support of the medical institutions. During the preparation, we help to order clerical work, select the missing medical specialists, recovery of overdue documents about qualification and attestation, legalization of foreign specialists and other.

We cooperate and consult with regional experts by the accreditation, where medical institution of our client is located.


We offer a variety of services in preparation for the accreditation of medical facilities:

·         full range of services in preparation for the accreditation "Accreditation-ELITE";

·         package "ACCREDITATION-STANDARD";

·         package "ACCREDITATION-LOW";

·         individual counseling, preaccreditational audit (assessment of the preparation level), the provision of certain documents, etc.


The list of services that are included in one or the other standard package, as well as its value can be found in the relevant sections of website.

We will conclude a written contract with each client, which may provide phased payment (depending on the variant of the preparation and agreement of the sides).

The cost of service is determined according to the selected service package, the amount of work, the urgency of preparation and characteristics of the client’s medical institution.

In the case of the order of several medical institutions accreditation of several medical institutions, we will give you significant discount (50%).

If you want to order service, please contact the main office of the company and our official representatives:



Phone: +380 (66) 049 65 96




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